Face Match with Artificial Intelligence

Gemini is an AI browser based solution for face matching
between official identification documents and faces.

Integrate the Gemini face match solution in your app.
No plugIn needed. Pure browser based solution.

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Main Features

More reliable as the judgement of a human, the machine learning algorithms calculate a face match within seconds.

  • Face Matching
    Match official documents with a face within seconds.
  • Face Verification
    Match faces in photos with digital images.
  • Face Fraud Detection
    A secured liveness detection to guard against spoofing attacks.
  • Face ID Match
    Get a reliable face match based on an matching score.

Why Gemini?

Use Gemini for any digital or real time face matching. Open online a bank account or subscribe to a smartphone contract. Gain entrance at sport events or concerts by using the instant identity verification.

  • Reliable
    Gemini provides reliable identity verification within seconds.
  • Secure
    Every single request is routed through HTTPS. The software is developed in Switzerland.
  • Scalable
    The solution scales. No matter how many transactions, the system scales with the demand.
  • Software as a service
    The Gemini API can be integrated in any application as a cloud service or on premise.
  • No additional hardware
    Gemini works with just a browser and a webcam or a smartphone. Nothing else is needed.
  • 24/7 support
    We're always here for you no matter what time of day.

Webcam or Smartphone

An identification document can be scanned via webcam or smartphone and matched with the person in front of the camera, within seconds. Browser based, no plugins needed.

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Flexible Plan adapted to your needs

Upgrade your plan based on your needs anytime, without any penalties.


  • 30 Requests per month
  • Support: No
  • Availability: not guaranteed
  • free


  • 500 Requests per month
  • Support: within 48 hours
  • Availability: 98%
  • USD 149


  • 3000 Requests per month
  • Support: within 36 hours
  • Availability: 99%
  • USD 480


  • 8000 Requests per month
  • Support: whithin 18 hours
  • Availability: 99.8%
  • USD 990


Contact us for our premium solution offer if you want to integrate the application into your own infrastructure, or when your requests per month exceed 8000 calls. With an unlimited amount of requests this plan is ideal for your mission critical applications. Get a secure, face matching platform that just works. Audit reports as well as private cloud or on-premise deployments.

State of the Art JSON API

The Gemini API can be integrated in your own application.

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